STREAM-FLOW Method and the discovery of ‘forgotten places’

Datum: 28 - 29 okt 2023

Tid: 10.00 - 14.00

Ort: Stockholm

Arrangeras av Dansalliansen.

A slow, quiet and deep exploration into unleashing new pathways with in the body. Focusing more on what it feels like, rather than what it looks like.

”Heidi’s stream – flow method has an intuitively progressive guidance that allows me to discover a sense of full body freedom and interconnection. Through imagery and sensation it provides an in-depth look at how each part of the body, when examined clearly and simply, can be a catalyst for naturally occurring, complex movement.

”After taking the class, I feel new movement channels open in my body and a heightened awareness for what it means to be fully present in my own movement research.” // A description of Stream-Flow classes from dancer Scott Fowler

The participants will be focusing on everyday tasks and habitual movement patterns with a stream-flow twist.

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