Workshop: Dansdramaturgi

Datum: 06 - 07 okt 2023

Ort: Varberg

Arrangeras av Kulturakademin i samarbete med Dansalliansen, Rum för Dans, Region Halland and Västra Götalandsregionen.

Andrea Peña and Hugo Dalphond invite you to a dramaturgy-focused workshop that intertwines theoretical, conceptual and practice-based stage writing with active research into AP&A’s (Andréa Peña & Artists) new work, REPLICA.

The workshop is 5 hours a day and divided into 2 sections:
Part 1: Dramaturgy
Part 2: Applied dramaturgy with the AP&A team

Part 1
Part 1 will focus on different possible entry points into writing a stage piece.

  • Themes and references used for a specific work.
  • Esthetics that are conveyed.
  • Pastiche, tribute or citation (art movement, literature and philosophy, past stage works, trends).
  • Strategies used to generate movement/Compositional techniques.
  • Body states (task based, or driven by technique/inner sensations/emotional triggers/intellectual goals).
  • Execution/Degree of interpretation.
  • Potentiality of the space/Stage Design.
  • Context of representation (type of space, type of audience, type of platform) that will influence results and reception.

Practice and discussion based, the workshop will go through a few theories regarding art-making and will focus on reacting objectively to a creative process by tricking our personal interests and frame of thoughts – often irrelevant when it comes to dramaturgy – into understanding an artist’s proposition; nourishing that proposition to help the aforementioned artist find clarity & specificity towards the object they are creating.
These different elements will serve as guidelines to talk and reflect on dance & theatre making and will prove valued means of access to Andrea Peña’s new piece, REPLICA.

Part 2
AP&A works on developing hybrid universes between choreography and design, researching the intersections between these two fields and all the nuances in between.
This workshop invites you to gain knowledge while applying dramaturgical insights into a collaborative research workshop with Peña, Leroux, and two company dancers: Frederique Rodier and Jean-Benoit Labrecque. These two long-time AP&A members have been co-developing creative tools that they will be sharing through the workshop to anchor the creative process into active perspectives while revealing the internal universe of the performers who activate a work in its live form. These artists, through the questions and process surrounding REPLICA, will open the creation’s doors as a way to build collective knowledge and use it as a trampoline to anchor, practice and reflect dramaturgical concepts within a creative environment.

Who can apply?
The workshop is for professionals working in dance/choreography, performance and other new performing arts and who want to develop their dramaturgical knowledge in their work.

The workshop is held in English at Teater Halland in Varberg.

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