Workshop: Klein med en twist

Datum: 15 - 19 aug 2022

Tid: 12.00 - 14.00

Ort: Stockholm

We will explore the movements and anatomy of laughter with different methods and practices as a springboard for inspiration and to get into the dancing body.

At the beginning of class we will use improvisation based scores and Klein Technique™ exercises in connection it to explorations with concepts like; grounding, space, sequencing, thrust and counter-thrust and initiation. We will lean into time aspects like ongoing and from slow to fast.

For the mid part of the class we will direct our focus towards laughter and its movement components from anatomy, gestures and form together with the braiding of the senses. The spontaniuous laughter, contagious laughter and the movements of laughter are some of the laughters we will work with. To end the class we will do dance scores, phrases and dances built on how the movements of laughter can move us.

”We cannot have a meaningful revolution without humor” – Bell Hooks
”Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.” – Victor Borge

OBS! Träningen är öppen och utan kostnad för professionella frilansdansare och ingen föranmälan krävs. Den öppna sommarträningen genomförs i samarbete mellan Dansalliansen och Danscentrum Stockholm.

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