Do you need support or can you assist?

For many years, The Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film, Scen & Film, has had an Aid Fund to help freelancers in need. Today, it is needed more than ever.

Partial measures taken to limit the spread of the coronavirus have been absolutely necessary, but they have meant that the cultural sector has almost completely stopped.
Many of our freelancers are now completely without income. Many are self-employed and lack access to support from the security systems.

We have now opened the fund to freelancers who are in urgent need due to unforeseen loss of income.

We have also opened up the opportunity for anyone to contribute to the fund for this very purpose. If you or your business has the opportunity to contribute, it would help tremendously.

Application for Support

Currently we are not accepting new applications for funding.


In order for Scen & Film to help the Industry to stay afloat, we have also made it possible for you who wish to contribute to the fund to do so. All contributions are welcome!

Swish your contribution to 123 19 194


Pay to the Scen & Film Bankgiro account 5803-2236.
ATTN. Indicate ”The Aid Fund” when you make your deposit.

For international transactions – please contact Teaterförbundet at