Workshop: Injury – Prepare to Prevent

Datum: 01 - 02 okt 2022

Tid: 12.30 - 17.30

Ort: Göteborg

”A game can be just a game… until we decide to turn it into a training tool, but we must always be able to return it back to just a game.
This will be a short series of workshops in strength work for dancers and choreographers that specifically looks at preventing common injuries in the body and creating a strong but versatile body. We will not only revisit but continue on from the short course I delivered last year, however this time it will be a more practical look into how we can train certain parts of the body to avoid injury and also help understand the body better by identifying, challenging and building patterns within movement, with the aim of enhancing performance. All done in a playful way to encourage us to enjoy the process of discovery within the body as well as focus on development.

We will look at ways to connect the body, build strength and also play with movement to keep us active and interested in our strength work. We will look into ways to open our training up to be done outdoors and learn how it doesn’t have to always exist in the gym with X amount of reps and X amount of sets and how this could actually be limiting progress.

Kulturakademin in collaboration with Dansalliansen.

Read more and apply before September 25th on Kulturakademin’s website.