FERAS årsmöte i Malmö 19-21 september

För första gången någonsin håller FERA sitt årsmöte i Sverige, i Malmö den 19-21 september. Bland andra. kommer legendaren Sir Alan Parker att medverka.
Regissörer från de 31 olika länderna är på plats!

FERA står för Federation of European Film Directors och är den enda organisationen för Europas Film och TV-regissörer.

Mer info här från den internationella pressreleasen:

Welcome to attend the press conference 19 september 12:00 at Hotel Renaissance, Mäster Johansgatan 15, 211 21 Malmö Sweden

Contact: Lina Linde PR & Marketing Manager Nordisk Panorama
0046 721-515 019

Håkan Bjerking Chairman FERA

The European Federation of Film Directors FERA General Assembly take place during Nordisk Panorama Nordic Short & Doc Film Festival and gather 54 European directors during a weekend in Malmö Sweden.

At the General Assembly directors from 31 European countries meet to discuss the future of filmmaking and debate issues relevant for their work. In a Europe that is rapidly changing it is also important for us as Directors to stand up for an open Europe. It is not a matter of Us and Them, we are all human beings. This years Genereal Assembly will highlight nordic filmmakers and five directors from the different Nordic countries will present their work at a seminar.

The FERA directors will also be introduced to the nordic directors competing for the Nordisk Panorama Awards at Nordisk Panorama Nordic Short & Doc Film Festival.

FERA President Sir Alan Parker participates in the festival event My Dinner With… where he will dine and discuss film and life with Swedish director Gabriela Pichler in front of the audience.

Participating at the press conference:
Sir Alan Parker Honorary President FERA
Pauline Durand-Vialle CEO FERA
Håkan Bjerking Chairman FERA
Katrine Kiilgaard Managing Director Nordisk Panorama
Ralf Ivarsson CEO Film i Skåne
Mikael Svensson Oresund Film Commission
Elisabeth Lundgren Director, Departement of Culture City of Malmö.

My Dinner with… Sunday 21 September 16:00-18:00 at Moriska Paviljonen, Malmö, Sweden

Nordisk Panorama Nordic Short & Doc Film Festival is arranged by Malmö Stad (the City of Malmö), Film i Skåne (regional resource centre for film) and Nordisk Panorama.

FERA’s mission is to enhance the recognition of the cultural significance of audiovisual works and to defend their integrity in 21st century Europe. FERA represents directors as the primary creators of audiovisual works. The director is the creative decision maker in a process of artistic collaboration and takes final responsibility for the aesthetic cohesion and artistic integrity of the work.

Nordisk Panorama
Nordisk Panorama is an organisation by the filmmakers for the filmmakers, established by the independent Nordic short & documentary film community. Nordisk Panoramas main function is to serve as a common Nordic platform for a stronger production and distribution network within the Nordic countries and a visible united exposure internationally, joining a strong cultural profile with a driven and future-oriented industry perspective.

Film i Skåne
Film i Skåne is a regional centre for film and video with the task of promoting all aspects of films. Commissioned and financed by Region Skåne and the Swedish Film Institute, Film i Skåne has been in operation since 1995. Since October 2009, Film i Skåne AB is part of Business Region Skåne.www.filmiskane.se

Oresund Film Commission
Oresund Film Commission promotes Öresund, the area of Southern Sweden and Greater Copenhagen, as an international film location and service international film and TV productions shooting in the region.

The Department of Culture City of Malmö
The Department of Culture works with strategic development in the cultural sector, preparing agenda items for the Culture Committee, Cultural Grants, Sommarscen Malmö, Culture for Children and Young People and overall matters in terms of finances, human resources and communication. The City of Malmö hosts and support over 17 different Film Festivals.

SFR bildades som en avdelning inom Teaterförbundet 2007. De film- och mediafrågor inom Teaterförbundet som påverkar regissörernas arbetssituation hanteras nu av vår organisation. Upphovsrätt, filmavtal mm. SFR sköter det nordiska samarbetet via SNF som har vandrande sammankomster i de olika nordiska länderna.

FERA är den europeiska samarbetsorganisationen för filmregissörer.